Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seagate Mirra - Annoyances - Annoying

Like all good developers, I have a backup system. As I have literally over a million file that I need to back up on a regular basis, I chose the Seagate Mirra. For its network functionality, local availability, and sleek design.

Now It's had a few issues that were recently corrected by a patch, but I'm talking about the specific issue of Mirra's apparent file locking.

For example: I'm running a program through my development environment. This program creates a temporary file, and the deletes this file (over and over and over) Now the problem with this scenario is that when this file gets locked by the Mirra, my application can't create it again, and therefore my app fails. Perhaps my app could work around this, but I hardly think that it's worth it to me to redesign my application, to take into account someone else's created annoyance. Perhaps I was ten minutes though a thirty minute process? It's quite a pain in my ***.

Now every time I am working on a program that creates a temporary file in a folder being backed up by the Seagate Mirra, I have to disable the Mirra. Otherwise, I lose countless minutes and ever hours of productivity daily.

Perhaps Seagate can look into the way they process files. Like check to see if the file is in use, or has been created with the last .xxx seconds? Anyway that's my gripe for the day!

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