Friday, August 8, 2008

Yep! Cuil Still Sucks

Cuil claims to index more pages than most other search engines. However, most of the top result are crap pages, and old pages at that. I mean with developers supposedly coming out of the Google camp to open this dog of a search engine, you think they would at least rank new content first.

When your site comes up first (in every other search engine that means anything) "Except CUIL", you know that anchor phrase you've been diligently linking with since time began... it's time to just quietly close your index, or do something to improve very quickly.

It also pretty much means that it (CUIL) doesn't factor in backlinks at all. Quality results are what is sorely lacking from Cuil and it takes more to run a search engine than sheer volume of index. I don't mind the layout, I don't mind the weird images that sometimes pop up, but when a snippet thief or a directory listing comes up before your own site, there's a fundamental flaw in the way Cuil indexes, and outputs top results.

Improvements are always possible, but heck, my internal site search displays better results than cuil does. Or course I am using DELPHI!

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