Friday, December 1, 2006

IE7 Breaking Websites

Is Internet Explorer Version 7 breaking your CSS? Especially your 3-column layouts??? It's probably all the IE CSS hacks that you have for IE6 according to the IE developer staff, Their support for standards is greatly improved.

I know I'm having a heck of a time with some float issues. But that's the price we pay for the relative ease of CSS design. I mean remember tables?

About the only thing I use a table for these days is for a form design, still pretty easy to make those look good with the use of tables. But back to IE 7 breaking our CSS

The title of this post has a few answers, and below our some helpful links for you if you are facing this bug-a-boo. I guess we should have downloaded the beta of IE? Huh...

Some IE Blog Posts
IE7 CSS Hacks

Oh, and while I'm at it who else hates Yahoo and Google for indexing content on I mean you can't access the content, without a subscription but it seems neither Yahoo or Google have figured out this yet. You thing with a billion or so dollars you could put a few people on it especially for a site that has probably thousands of indexed pages!

Just de-list them already! You know how many times I've clicked on a link of their's and come up with a, "Only Paid, lah-de-oo-ga-dee"

Anyway good luck with the IE7 troubles... Hope this post helps a little.

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