Friday, December 15, 2006


I've recently finished a huge project for List-Corp.Com, Inc., which was a site design, and graphics creation for a large, and modern national business directory. You can click and view their web site. They have signed on for me to create the designs an graphics they'll be using for their entire network of nine total web sites by the end of 2007.

They wanted a design that was easy on the eyes, and ad-free site, and something easy to navigate and locate the information they have in their almost ten thousand categories.

I'm also building some of the software they are using! For instance, they wanted an easy method to have current news headlines on their front page, that could draw from multiple sources. Now usually JavaScript can be used to do this, but they wanted content that could be indexed by search engine spiders, so I built a handy little ISAPI to hit multiple sites, with the keywords they specified, parse the news links, and send them back to a file they could place with Server Side Includes.

The project has really went well, and they have a ton of information available, If I so say so myself, it's the nicest directory on the web.

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