Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Site Navigation Layouts

For you to have good site navigation, there are couple of things you need to think about. Many times, you will probably have many more pages than you want to list in your main header and footer navigation lists. That being said, they still need to be categorized logically.

Including a page called site map with links to all your pages is a good idea, because a visitor to your web site can always go to that page to see quickly what may be of interest and or value. It's a good idea to keep you header and footer navigations clean. Let's say you have 5 services, it stand to reason that you have one services link, and then branch off from there.

Of course you could always have a set of navigation links above that does this, and then below you could list all you service pages in the footer navigation. I do find this method pretty good, if you have a relatively low number of products or services.

So even though you want to use consistent navigation links, you do have options. One important thing to remember is you should really use fully qualified urls in you site's navigation! That way when you move some page to a subdirectory for some reason or another, your site won't break. Always provide redundant navigation on each page, and never use flash or script as your sole source of site navigation, this is a huge no-no.

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