Monday, January 22, 2007

Structured Site Web Editor HTML editor site builder

Note this link won't be live till later on today, due to the fact I'm blogging at work. "The joys of working for yourself!" Anyway, I thought I would announce the imminent release of some new Twilight Surfers Software. The application is a full-featured HTML editor and site builder. I've been working on this program for nearly a year, and it's the third full version, yet the only one to be available to the public. I plan on releasing the software by the 1st of March. It should be available by then for sure. I have to just write the integration / installation routines.

Structured Site is unlike any html editor that I know of, it's slick, fast, has integrated publishing capabilities, database page storage, integrated file and image browser, built in javascript and html code libraries. Let's you get work done fast, keep all your sites in a database, publish in a couple steps. I plan on selling ten billion copies and retiring to a private island. The demonstration version will not allow publishing even to hard disk, and I hope I've thought up and good method to protect the application from those darned crackers.

Check the link for all the goodies that Structured Site will contain... But here's a quick breakdown in case your too lazy to click!

  • Image Conversion

  • Centralized Image Library

  • Multiple CSS File Support

  • Handles all Web Type (File Types)

  • Javascript Library

  • Color Scheme Generator

  • Color Pickup from screen

  • On Screen Ruler

  • Dictionary

  • Thesaurus

  • Integrated Shortcut for Helper Apps

  • Creates Navigation from files, open windows, or site files!!!

  • Integrated W3c Validation

  • Check with Tidy

Never look for another missing web page. Never have to look for images. Never
have to look for your favorite JavaScript.
Twilight Surfers Structured Site is the web developer's answer to common
time-consuming web design tasks.
Tired of cluttered Toolbars, that essentially do squat???
Let Structured Site's clean and usable interface delight you with quick design
times, and everything you need to keep coding right at your fingertips!

There's a lot I didn't list, and from the description, I'm sure you developers are surely salivating!

I can't wait myself...

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