Friday, June 29, 2007

SiteMapper Tsd Software on eBay

Look for some great new software in a couple of weeks on eBay... I am building a XML SiteMap creation tool for release as a very inexpensive application for maintain complex sitemaps.

It will allow for creation from url, or local folders, create a html version of the map, and exclude dynamic urls, or filter out file extension not to list. Perfect for the busy web developer. Built in the TSD style, that is "Ease of Use!"

I think it will be a hit, and about 4.99! It will be powerful, and cost effective, as well as easy to use. I like about fourteen hours on it, of course where will I find that many hours ???

Also an update on Structured Site. After my announcement below, a lot of stuff went on, and I haven't had a chance to finish that software. It is extremely complicated, with dozens of components, OOP! I think sometimes, I'm almost done, and... then I think about another innovative feature that I want it to have, and when I release this thing, it will be the bomb baby...

Well, too many irons in the fire as they say, as I have one robot returning data, one website publishing tool running, and Delphi begging me to code, all while tying to get more pages indexed for my clients, and myself.

I better get back to it.

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