Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Online Poetry Library Lounge - Read & Submit Poetry

Please check out the newly designed and implemented PoetryBrowser.Com. I designed and built this website for the hundreds of online users that used to use the old version of the online poetry library which was always a hobby. The last version I built of the poetry library was built in a couple of days.

I have spent over a full week. The site now requires a free author account. From inside the online poetry library's "My Office" link, authors can post or edit their poetry that's in the library, or comment about other users' poetry.

Online authors that choose to save their poetry for display in the online poetry library lounge can delete offensive comments that other users can post about the poetry. In this way, PoetryBrowser.Com allows authors complete control over their library community experience. Their is a extensive profanity filter in place, so that shouldn't be an issue. Only other authors can post comments, or poetry. The poems themselves go through a profanity filter as well, so I am trying to keep this library family friendly.

Authors may choose to post in one of eighteen categories defined by the webmaster. Although much of the site is dynamic, the poems and poem category indexes are actually static pages, for SEO reasons.

The poetry library lounge pages, and the office functionality require log in. Once logged in, those pages are completly dynamic and from your PoetryBrowser office, you can comment on other poems, and edit your own content.

The library gets published several times daily. Don't call it a poetry blog! It's the online poetry library.

So if you love to read and write poetry, check out the new site by Twilight Surfers - PoetryBrowser.Com

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