Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Google Experiment

Everyone is always looking for the best way to stay on top in the SEO market, and I guess I'm not really that different. I do share on thing in common with Google. I like clean, and simple designs, and interfaces for my software, and my websites.

Apparently, Google is experimenting with a new search engine, to see how the market reacts to different user interfaces. I would like to think part of their popularity was an ad-free interface.

I looked at the Search Mash home page and it doesn't even have a button. I'm assuming that you have to press the enter key on your keyboard. I didn't try it out, preferring actually to use a scraper for my searches, especially if I'm searching for my keywords. Otherwise, Google has a tendency to give skewed results. *Particularly if you search from the server the web site is running on.

Bu anyway, back to the NEW Google??? The page is so clean it could be freshly diapered. Anyone with any more information is more than welcome to post and let the blogging community hear their thoughts on this new Google venture.

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