Monday, November 27, 2006

Microsoft ActiveSync No USB Modem Driver Needed

I recently decided to combine my Ipod, my Palm Pilot, and my laptop into one device. I chose the Cingular 8125. This hand held device takes pictures, surfs the Internet and plays music and video with Windows Media Player. The operating system is Windows Mobile 5.

It's been a great addition to help me track business stories, with live news and events via the web. Plus it's helping me develop a mobile version of the 1st-Audit web site, and track changes, not mention the storage deal. Tired of carrying USB flash drives? GET an 8125.

But alas, I got to the office, and was unable to explore my device, because I thought I needed a modem driver for my Cingular 8125, (which was oin the Cingular disc) due to plug and play not working on this mobile device. So I just downloaded and installed Microsoft ActiveSync, and voila! I'm now syncing at home and at work!

I can't tell you how much of a time saver this device has been to me. Like Ferris Bueller said... "if you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up!" And yes, you really can just throw away the disc that comes with the 8125. All you need is ActiveSync!

Oh, and here is a review of the 8125 for those who want to know before they invest in new tehcnology.

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